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Valentine’s Day – let your love blossom

Valentine’s Day flowers

Can you feel the love in the air already? Yes, it is surely high time and that time of the year. With the big V-day coming up, you can feel butterflies in your tummy. The excitement of choosing the fascinating gift for your loved one is one of the best feelings. What can be more special than a bunch of Valentine’s Day flowers to gift your loved one? She will dance with joy when she sees the flowers. Here are the top 5 arrangements of flowers that are sure to sweep her off ground!

5 alluring bouquets to delight your love

  1. Bouquet of red luxurious roses

You can opt to personalize the special V-day arrangement with 25, 50 or even 100 red roses. You can choose as per your desire. In this bouquet, you will find a dazzling arrangement of long stem red roses. And it is not just red mind you! You can choose from classic crimson red, regal red, charming orange-red roses or reddish magenta. The red rose bouquets will definitely be high priced during this time of the year. You do have a choice of booking this bunch in advance and locking the lowest price possible.

  1.  Bouquet of blushing pink roses

This lovely arrangement of pink roses is so fascinating and enticing to see. It is one of the perfect gifts for the love of your life especially if she has fine taste. We all know that red roses are used in Valentine’s Day traditionally, however, if you have recently fallen in love with this girl and you want the love to bloom, pink roses are perfect. They symbolize appreciation, affection, and gratitude.

  1. Bouquet of  elegant colorful roses

Many florists will have a spectacular arrangement of colorful rose bouquets with them. This bouquet denotes all the shades of love. They are all fresh and fragrant and long stemmed beautiful roses. Each color of the rose signifies a special meaning. The bouquet looks and feels out of this world with a neat cellophane cover. These surely will double the prettiness of the bouquet.

  1. Heart shaped vase with lucky bamboo plant

If you and your partner feel that roses are outdated or maybe not so fond of roses. Some of you may feel bored of giving roses for every occasion to your loved one. Then you can be unique and give your loved one an exquisite arrangement of lucky bamboo plant placed delicately in a heart-shaped attractive vase. This will signify your long lasting love. This plant is known to bring luck. The heart-shaped attractive vase will add romance to the plant.

  1. Red tulips, a cuddly toy and a box of chocolates

If you are the person who loves to give more than one gift to your loved one, then you definitely should go for this option. This is called an ‘all in one’ hamper. This would be the best surprise for her on this special occasion. An admirable arrangement of 12 red tulips, a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates and a cute cuddly teddy will be packed in the hamper. Red tulips are equally romantic and have the same meaning as red roses. The taste of the Chocolates will linger long after she has eaten them. The teddy will be by her side all her life.

Look for online flower delivery and express your self on Valentine’s Day.

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